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This web site is an ongoing project designed to serve the interests of audio professionals, enthusiasts, and students who are blind or visually impaired. The purpose of the project is to ensure equal access to audio production technology and education in the audio production field.
Following are the current priorities for this web project:

  1. To preserve the careers of working blind and visually impaired audio professionals.
  2. To create career opportunities for blind and visually impaired audio professionals.
  3. To enable blind and visually impaired students to receive equal education opportunities in the audio production field.
  4. To enable blind and visually impaired audio enthusiasts to gain equal access to audio recording and editing software and technology.

Future priorities for this web project include:

  • To serve as a clearinghouse of technical information related to the accessibility and use of audio recording and editing software and hardware.
  • To expand the community of blind audio producers around the world.
  • To facilitate the exchange of information between the community of blind audio producers and manufacturers and distributors of digital audio production technology.

In October 2006, representatives of a loose International affiliation of Blind Audio Producers began working directly with key individuals at Digidesign to determine the future accessibility of the Pro Tools software for Macintosh computers with the Voice Over screen reader feature. Results of that research can be found at

Please help us in our ongoing efforts to encourage manufacturers to consider accessibility issues in their product design.We ask that you submit your contact information including your name, email address, mailing address, and a description of your visual ability. We DO NOT distribute ANY of your information to anyone without your written consent. WE simply keep data on the total number of blind audio producers and affiliated institutions for the purpose of advocacy toward greater accessibility in software and hardware design. Please be sure to be counted.
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If you are considering a career in audio production, either in your own business or as an employee at a recording studio, you may wish to visit our CAREER GUIDE which can help you in your decision process. While the technical information offered in the guide refers to older Macintosh computers running OS9, the business planning, skills assessment, and funding proposals information is always up to date. Currently, no information is available here regarding more current Macintosh computers and Protools, because technical barriers are still being addressed for blind audio producers wishing to use those systems.

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